Dallas, TX

Freelance Writer and Photographer
Freelance Writer & Photographer






Travel Channel/
Five Journals Awarded “Top Rated” Editors’ Distinctions
All articles “balance practical information with personal stories, detailed descriptions, sugges-tions, and photos. They contain reviews that are, above all, useful to our community. These jour-nals seem to get more views and earn higher ratings from other travelers [the readers.]” 12/04–present.

24 Photographs Awarded “Outstanding” Editors’ Distinctions
These photographs show “some real thought and effort went into both the choice of subject and the composition. The picture quality is also good – sharp, crisp, and bright.” 1/05, 12/04–present.

Editors’ Choice Favorite Member
Selected out of more than 350,000 contributing members to be showcased as one of the five edi-tor’s top five favorite members of the week.

Editor’s Choice Favorite Photograph
Selected out of more than 200,000 photos to be showcased as one of the top ten editors’ choice photos of the month.

Bachelor of Science in Design, cum laude & University Honors
University of Cincinnati; Cincinnati, OH.
Majored in Digital Design. Elective classes in business writing and leadership. Recipient of Cincinnatus Scholarship and Cincy Digital Women's Scholarship.



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After eight years experience copywriting to capture the attention of target audiences in graphic design projects, Danielle is now focusing on freelance writing for magazines. Editors describe Danielle's articles and queries as “clear and well stated,” “useful” to readers, and “nicely written.”

Home Cooking magazine
"Great Garnishes For Everyday Foods" & "Garden-Fresh Flavors In Every Dish"
300 words + 6 recipes. March/April 2006, July/August 2006 editions.

IgoUgo Travel Report: Las Vegas
"The Bellagio" & "The Venetian"
500 words + 4 photographs, per article. July 2005 edition.

IgoUgo/ Travel Channel Travelers' Reviews
More than 60 reviews and 70 photos on topics including budget travel, solo travel, couples travel, restaurants, hotels, festivals, and nightlife.
500 words + up to 4 photographs, per article. 12/04–12/05.

City of Arvada, Colorado
"Web Content Managers' Guidelines" included section on "Effective Web Page Writing."
Was responsible for all aspects of this business publication, including: concept, writing, editing, design/ layout, and printing. 1/06–3/06.

Hasbro Games
Copywriting for game rules, fictional backstories, and gameplay cards in several games. Con-cepted and wrote outline for a new game's web site. Co-wrote, produced, and mixed audio for a short film animatic. Designed and wrote game assembly diagrams. Worked with multidiscipli-nary team to play-test games and invent gameplay. 1/04–3/04, 6/03–9/03.

University of Cincinnati: Library of the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning
“Online PowerPoint Tutorial”
Wrote directions for a non-computer-savvy audience. 5/03.





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