Dallas, TX

Freelance Writer and Photographer
Freelance Writer & Photographer






Fashion– everyday styles that work, clothes that make your body look fabulous, how jewelry makes the outfit.

Do-It-Yourself Interior Design–ideas, how-to's, concepts for getting the results you want.

Snowboarding– from a young female’s perspective.

Buying Electronics
– how to research.

Wireless Internet– setting up your network, living the unwired lifestyle.

Life Issues– interracial dating, finding the right person for you, growing up in the 90’s, being a woman, entering adulthood, transitioning to living on your own.






Topics of Experience & Knowledge

Food– recipes, groceries, restaurant reviews, fast food, low-carb lifestyle.

Travel– how-to’s, traveling solo, budget travel, luxury travel, couples travel, roadtrips, daytrips.

How To Gamble and Win!– where to go, when to walk away.

College– picking the right college for you, what dorms are like, campus life, finding a flexible part-time job, keeping your sanity while getting good grades.

Photography– choosing the right camera for your needs, terminology explained, composition, lighting, picking subject matter, nature, putting a twist on your subject, color matching, image correction.

Web Site Design & Writing – getting a domain name and web hosting server, how to name your web site, effective web writing.





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